I Melted at the sight of him!

I was in mad love with my partner and he always made me feel at ease. But One day he said, “You are beyond beautiful and i love you so much honey”. This adoration should have taken me to the seventh heaven but rather my body began to shut down. I went in the state of panic, I was scared to death.

I wanted to have a very intimate relationship with the handsome man whom I loved so much, but when the opportunity came, I was scared and just wanted to run far, far away. I blocked all contacts with him and I felt terrified by the thought of being hurt. I did not want to be rejected or heartbroken, even though he just said what I always wanted to hear.

Soon his calls and messages became less frequent and I realized that if my anxiety continues then I’ll lose him for sure. So on recommendation of a friend, I attended Rori Raye’s workshop on relationships. In those workshops I learned that emotional stability is deeply linked to our experiences of childhood.

I had a forgettable childhood, with a dysfunctional family, abusive parents, experiencing sexual abuse and being bullied by my peers. I started living just with myself and disassociated with even my own body.

Thus I was too afraid to be rejected, making mistakes, not being loved and meeting new people. But in Rori’s programme I learned that the first step in the process of getting better is to connect with your own body. The process that I’ll describe here is very similar to what is practiced in ‘Yoga’ with the purpose of connecting with the body and the soul.

Step 1. Be fearless in your body

Scan from your head to toe and examine the emotions that you are experiencing. Notice the kind of emotion and its effect of different body parts.

Step 2. One single word can make you feel secure.

Now attach a word to the emotion experienced. You can choose any word which can make you feel more connected to yourself.

Step 3. Start a sensational talk.

Talk to yourself and feel the sensations resulting in your body. Your sensations will keep on changing depending on your inner mood.

If you’ll follow these steps then you’ll for sure be able to experience a completely new level of intimacy. It will change your view towards relationships, for the better.

Are you also experiencing intimacy problems? What do you think about coping with such problems? Share your views with us.

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