Do you want to experience the true happiness and satisfaction? Do you want to meet the real rockstar?

Well, all you need to do for this is to delve within yourself and explore your soul.

I also wanted to find more about myself, and during my search I came across the term rockstar yogi. I was quite intrigued and found about the related fame, name and money. My ego provoked me to learn this. I wanted to stand out of the crowd and I wanted to look cool among my friends.

But soon I realized the hollowness of such fame and I started to question my intentions. How is this fulfilling me? Why am I doing this? I started to observe my teacher quietly; to me her practice of yoga was only to boost her own ego.

This perception of yoga seemed wrong to me. The deep connection of yoga with money is making it very less accessible to all of us. We must not forget that yoga is an ancient Indian practice made for everyone. Neither should we make it a game to boost our egos nor should we be ashamed of ourselves for being beginners, or for having a certain body type etc. Yoga is, and should be seen as, a way to connect our body to our mind and our soul. Simply put, yoga is a moving meditation.

The deeper you dive into yoga, clearer it’ll become for you. You’ll come to know that yoga is a form of pure devotion (bhakti). It allows you to see deep inside and figure out for yourself, what works and what does not. With time you’ll start to see yourself, and be comfortable with yourself. And when you’ll be comfortable from inside, you won’t look for fame or acceptance from others.

Because within yourself, You are a True Rockstar Yogi.

What are your experiences with yoga? Share your views with us.

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