Did you know that there is a little girl energy inside of you?
Yes, this is absolutely true.

And I am not talking about actual little girls, but rather grown women stuck in old and worn out Little Girl patterns — for example, people-pleasing, over-functioning, porous boundaries, etc.

What is this concept of little girl energy and within whom is it trapped?

We aren’t talking about little girls here but we are talking about grown women who are stuck in the patterns of little girls. They still involve themselves in activities that little girls would do like people pleasing and having free boundaries and over functioning, etc. There is a dysfunctional masculine energy and a little girl energy within all of us.

What is dysfunctional masculine energy?

Dysfunctional masculine energy happens because of the society that we are brought up in. We try to emulate the men around us as patriarchy only endows men with power and we want that power for ourselves but we can only get that power if we behave like the men around us. But beneath the surface of the dysfunctional masculine energy, all of us women are little girls.

What is the little girl energy?

It is the unprepared and raw part of us. This part of us doesn’t know how to deal with the world around us. The little girl energy doesn’t know about the ways of the world. It just somehow tries to protect itself from the ‘bad’ of this world. Thus, it is the vulnerable part of us; the part that we don’t show to anyone else. We don’t show it to anyone else because we are afraid of the idea that the world might exploit us and use us for its own benefits.

Moreover, the little girl energy is the most feminine part of us. We are not used to be accepted as ‘feminine’ because the world runs after power and thus we also start acting all powerful. But, we aren’t as powerful as we seem to be. Within all of us is that little girl who wants to be cared for and wants to be loved and wants to be dependent on someone whom she can fully trust.

If you recognize the little girl energy that is inside of you, don’t bury it at all. Nurture it, protect it and make that little girl inside you happy.

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