Mindfulness is a very important quality to have. Being mindful makes you more aware of the things happening around you. It makes you more complete and conscious and both of these are very important to each one of us.

Here is a list of five simple mindfulness practices that you can use and change your life forever:

1. Breathe, deeply

Yes, don’t underestimate the power of breathing exercises. They really help in calming you down. More so, breathing exercises ensure that there is enough oxygen supply to your brain. The more oxygen you breathe in, the healthier you become. Thus, it is scientifically proven that breathing practices help you to be more mindful.

2. Listen to your heart

Just like breathing practices, concentrating on the rhythm of your heart can also help you in becoming more mindful. This activity makes your peaceful and calm and thus you become more mindful. Try it, it is super useful.

3. Be Grateful

Be thankful for all that you have. This will make you feel grounded and you will automatically feel more calm and peaceful. Be thankful for even the little things because you are so lucky that you have so many things that other people don’t. This will surely make you more mindful.

4. Write it Out

Writing really helps because when you write about simple things like how your day was or how you feel, you become more aware about your feelings and emotions. The more aware you become about what you are going through, the more mindful you become.

5. Talk to someone you love

A real conversation with someone you love can really help. We have a lot of conversations with people about the weather or politics and what not. But just talk about real things like feelings and emotions and you will see that these conversations will make you mindful and aware about yourself.

Here is a bonus tip:

Your Garden can really help you out: Taking care of your plants and watering them can also calm you down and make you more mindful. Your garden can help you feel better as well.

Try these practices and you will live a happy and a satisfied life. Tell us about your experiences.

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