We all want to find the meaning of our lives and that meaning exists beyond all of the physical sensations. But to understand that complex problem we must listen to our internal self.

Do you want to achieve the goal of meeting your higher self? Do you want to forge your own destiny? Read on to find how you can do this.

Since ancient times, a variety of methods have been adopted by people to understand the eternal truth. But one thing is common in all of them, all the methods are based on self-realization and all of them are very distinct. If you also want to embark on the beautiful journey of self-realization, then you have to carve out your own path. You have to lead by your own example and inspire others to find a distinct journey of their own.

When you’ll set on your own journey, you’ll feel the pull of your dharma. You’ll be able to hear and respond to your inner call clearly. You’ll be able to focus on your spirit which is begging for your attention.

One thing which is very important in the pursuit of this goal is that you must not elevate someone else above yourself. As this act contains the inherent act of devaluing yourself, which is a sinister concept.

What we are saying here is that you should respect others; bow in humility to acknowledge the virtue and qualities of others. But at the end of the day, you have to raise yourself up. Bowing itself is a two step process; first, you accept the other person’s abilities and respect him/her and then you elevate yourself above the level just displayed. You can lean on others for help when necessary, but you must not make someone an essential component in your development.

Connect with yourself internally. Feel as if “You are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop” as Rumi said. Thus be your own composer, be your own judge. And just like a flower automatically grows towards the sunlight, move towards finding the inner light that is seated deep within you.

Exploring yourself will take you a step closer to the supreme power and will make you live a much happier life.

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