The concept of “back to the future” is a fascinating one. How can we go, Back – to the Future?! On the other hand if you think about it we all have to go back and clean our past in order to have power and energy to effectively plan and realize our future.

When we begin to live “in the now”, as it is a very popular thing to say today, we start wishing for the things we want to have in our life (you all probably saw “The Secret” and heard about “Law of Attraction”). However, we often begin to project our future without cleaning our past and most of our thoughts (wishes and desires) become influenced by the mistakes and stress that we have experienced. Thus without cleaning (fixing) our past we get a distorted view of what we should be and do to have a better future.

Law of Karma, Karmic Healing and Karma Cleansing Technique

We all have our memory and we all had some stressful experiences in the past. With that said we have two choices – to either block the stress from the past (which can be blocked only for a limited time), and keep on going on the way to achieve “our” goals and dreams or we can stop for a minute clean up our past and only then decide where we should direct our energy and which path we should take to find what we are looking for.

In order to find out the mistakes in our “school of life” and work with the stress from the past we can turn to therapy, energy healers or psychics which often take a lot of time and money, or we can learn the tools that will help us independently find our own way – the only way that would be right for us. It is a scary thing to go to your past and fix the mistakes that you made.

It is much “easier” to find someone who would fix those mistakes for you – a lot of people are willing to spend a lot of energy (time & money) to find someone who knows better what should be done to improve their life. It all depends on what value you put on your own life and whether you are ready to take responsibility for it.

Nevertheless, all the other people can offer remedies or tools to cure symptoms, and often those remedies and tools are very effective, but it is our own responsibility to follow the instructions in practice and find the way that will work for us. To make those methods even more effective and unique for us we can turn to our own creativity and develop the most effective ways of recovery exclusively for us. Your own life experience is the most unique thing in living and no-one can take it from you, unless you delegate responsibility for your own life to someone else. That’s all great, but how can I go back and do anything about my own past? I need professional help (a shrink or guru) to do it !?

Think of your own subconscious mind, your higher self or the Spirit as the only true professional that can help you. All our memories are recorded by our subconscious mind and you always have a way to access them and resolve the stress situations or blocks that are holding you back. Even if a certain situation created a very strong psychological block (subconsciously controlling stress) we all still have ability to direct our will and go back to that stressful situation in our past and fix it using certain tools or techniques.

10 sessions with a psychotherapist can easily be substituted with one hour (or less) spent on your own – conducting certain visualization techniques that are beyond a common meditation. Those are just the easy to learn tools that we can learn and that can help us go back in our memory, pinpoint the stress in the past that is still sucking the energy we get today, resolve those issues and start moving forward full of energy (the energy that we get back after we deal with those subconsciously controlling stress situations) towards our goals in life. It all sounds great, but how can I access my memory in the past?

Some issues took me years to resolve and I had to block a lot of them in order to have a normal life. That is why 10 psychotherapy sessions might not be even enough!? and you are talking about some visualization techniques and one hour or less?! Here is a model of what our memory is on the energy level and a practical tool (or a powerful visualization technique) that gives a way out from the stress of the past without spending a lot of time in a shrink’s office.

As a result, you will know the problems in the past effecting you today and you will be able to fix them since your own subconscious mind as well as laws of Nature will be helping you in the process.

As some of you might already know, we all have more than just our physical body, we also have our energy bodies (e.g. human aura) on the higher planes (interesting topic for another article, more on emotional shell of a human). Our human aura shows our current energy state and we can literally see (there are people who can see auras, you can learn to see auras yourself or use devices that take pictures of a human aura) what energy problems we have today due to the violation of the laws of Nature.

Basically it reflects accumulated effect of energy loss from making mistakes against Nature. If we take a human aura (which is often pictured in a shape of an egg) and add time we will get something that could be called body of memory or mental body of a human (see picture above). In a way we are just stretching our aura through time. Looking at our body of memory we can see the times when our energy decreased which indicates the time when we made a mistake which was not in accord with Nature.

At times we do not even realize that we are making a mistake, however ignorance of the laws excuses no one (we will cover many Laws of Nature during our seminars and life coaching sessions, some of them you could also find in our blog).

A technique that can help us picture our own (or anyone else’s) body of memory is pondermotor writing (see the article). It can give a very quick, objective and precise assessment of the stresses that still holding you back. There is also a karma correction visualization technique (with some support from the elements) that helps us establish communication with our subconscious mind and allows us to get the answers we need right now and fix the issues we are currently struggling with. It is actually quite simple and should be treated as a game (when we are in a playful state of mind our creative right brain hemisphere is activated).

Everyone can use their own creativity to establish a “communication tube” with our subconscious mind, higher self or Spirit. 

Source: LifeScriptDoctor

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