I have to agree that we all have a certain level of intuition that allows us to make challenging decisions through life.

Intuition has been known to save lives and prevent some of the worst of disasters from ever occurring.

These signs can range from the tiniest of feelings to the innate feelings and forebodings. While most people consider intuition to chance, it is more akin to a muscle which when used more is bound to become stronger. Here is a list of 7 Signs from Your Higher Self that you just can’t afford to ignore:

1. When you get the feeling that something just doesn’t add up: There have been times when you have had that gut feeling that all isn’t right. It is important in such cases to consider these alarms as hope against hope and give them a fair hearing and not dismiss them entirely.

2. Never ignore that little voice: Sometimes little message and pieces of advice fall upon our ears which may help us out in some form. This voice is obviously that of your intuitive connection to your higher self. This connection in turn helps you in times of dire need. Guardian angels anyone?

3. Recurrent dreams and experiences: Have you been seeing the same dream over and over again? Well, it may be a possible sign that there is a sort of reason behind such an occurrence. It maybe a message or a warning. It is best to take heed and be prepared.

4. Occurrence of logically incoherent thoughts: Occurrence of such thoughts that at first glance don’t seem to make sense but subsequently it is following these very hunches that cause trouble. It is therefore important to maintain full logical validations of all acts that you commit based on your hunches.

5. Ignoring health issues doesn’t help: Our body always tries to out up signs when something goes wrong with it. It is therefore important to take note of recurrent health issues and be extra cautious as to whether they can be sings for a much serious issue.

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