We are reaching further in the realm of exploring the self, and unifying with the soul in the living form. One of the most sought after method is to evolve the self through relationships.

The relationships we engage in reflect our own selves. Everybody you know and interact with in your life would have some mirroring effect in you. So, by looking at them, you can gain some knowledge about yourself and any unconscious act that you may be overlooking.

One of the most discussed way of spiritual evolution of the era is definitely a sweet one: self-love. It’s not easy, but life comes alive when you’re in love with yourself. Until then, you are only surviving life. The social working and reworking on the subject of self-love is subtle and the message goes very deep within the structure.

We tend to self-criticize ourselves – we are our own judge, and judgment often leads to self-hatred and self-abuse. The dysfunctional societal rules are our parameters of judgment. As a reflection, we treat others the same way.

These rules were created for serving good purposes, and we can’t blame the creators but ultimately, the rust of changing time made some of them blunt and irrelevant. Oh yes, the times they are a-changing, and you can step away from the new road if you can’t lend a hand.

We have willingly created this duality, and now people are consciously choosing to move from it. Now, what can provide you with the kind of awareness necessary to make necessary changes and to let go of all the unnecessary energy you’ve stored within yourself? The answer is, relationships.

Now, when you see the reflections and are aware of your own flaws, there are two options in front of yourself. One, you lock the unpleasant elements inside and live in denial. Two, you face your demons, make peace with the dark side, take necessary actions to make the change happen.

It’s bloody difficult to let the fear, pain and suffering be diluted through a conscious mental process, but the end of the road is sunny. This pain and suffering comes from the illusive detachment from the source/the rest, but only looking inwards could be the method to connect with the world in a better way.

The solution, in most cases is to love yourself. When we begin to love, we begin to transform, to heal. We ascend to a better state of being, we are purified. When we begin to love and accept our flaws, we see ourselves and the universe in a better light, we tend to understand other people, we begin to experience life as magic.

Till we make peace with our inner demons, we are buds, but we slowly unfurl as lotus flowers, and belong to the mesmerizing universe.

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