This article is about your ancestral ties, how you can release them and learn a lesson or two about life from your family.

What is Family Karma?

Family karma is the karma that passes on to you through the ancestral bloodline. If you consider yourself to be the most sensitive in your family and are at the other side of your parental concerns, you may have experienced the energy blockage from your parents.

These blockages are burdens you inherit at the time of birth and can only let go through a process of spiritual awakening during your lifetime. Suppose you don’t get along with your parents (like many of our generation) – it could be due to an energetic baggage from the past.

We are consciousness projecting itself onto itself, and making our familial connection as we go. We are cosmic creatures – we make our bonds as energy attracts energy. So, the family you chose to born in was already decided by the bonds you made in the previous life.

Perhaps you and your father had karmic ties from the past. And as everything in this universe has to be in an equilibrium, the weight of the karmic baggage would fall on your shoulder. This baggage would cause emotional barriers between you and your family, and make the relation unhealthy.

How will you know if you carry the karmic burden of your family?

– You are the most sensitive and spiritually awake individual in your family.

– You’ve always felt a barrier between you and your family. You are emotionally and spiritually disconnected with them.

– You have a passing feeling that you have to carry a grave amount of burden on your shoulders.

– You have been stuck in unpleasant family business more than once.

– You are insightful enough to recognize patterns within your familial/ancestral structure and take a step to change it.

How will you cut these energetic ties?

People may not subscribe to your outlook on life which would be deemed ‘different’. The first step to cutting these ties would be coming to terms with your own mind and emotions. Look within and face your demons in order to identify the illusions your parents live in and are feeding you. Let these illusions go – begin with a simple negation, a ‘no’.

You’ll come to understand that your parents are innocent humans with their flaws and spiritual burdens, and they intend only the best for you. You have been a victim of their vanity and falsehood, but now you emerge as a survivor. You have learned to forgive and let go.

How can you transform family patterns?

In order to identify and eliminate any recurring problems from your life, you need to introspect and meditate more than anything else.

Once you recognize the behavioral patterns causing the problems, you can bring the change.

However, it all starts with a single idea: “I am the master of myself. I am my own karma-carrier.”

Have courage, the different one. There is a special place for you in this universe.

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