We ask ourselves so many questions every day. However, have you ever pondered the quality of those questions? Do such questions make you think more and more every single day?

Here are nine such questions that will make your brain hurt, in a good way:

1.Is time real?

Time is a complicated concept. It is subjected to age, location and events. Did you ever ask yourself if time is a concrete property or just a construct of the human mind? If the framework of time does not exist, are all things happening all at once? Also, do animals work within the concept of time?

2.Are you constrained by your physical body or can you transcend it?

.This is intrinsically linked to how we define ourselves. Are we a combination of cells or do our thoughts and emotional faculties count as part of our bodies too? Also, if someone thinks about you, does that thought become part of you as well?

3.Does the world look the same through another person’s eyes?

Basically, is there a fixed reality or multiple realities? Modern times are full of uncertainties and therefore, fragmentation is part of our existence. It may be singular but it could be different for different people. Both possibilities are feasible. Do think about it.

4.Are you still you if others see you differently?

Well, this one is closely connected to the third point. It is all about perception.

5.Is there a super power and if yes, what is it made of?

This is a repeated and much-debated question. Some may directly refer to the existence of God and ask about its properties, structure and constructional dimensions.

6.If a higher power created the universe, why did it do so?

If someone invested so much power, energy and faculties, what was the purpose behind it? Or was it simply an accidental germination?

7.Does infinity exist in our physical universe?

When we learn to count initially, a count from 1 to 100 is enough. As we grow to learn the concept of infinity, it comforts us to know that we have an endless pool of numbers and sometimes things can be left at the symbol of infinity. It is only later, when we have to define the same, that we find trouble placing the “infinity” in our physical universe.

8.Will human race evolve beyond their ego?

While self-awareness has developed many folds, ego should have grown similarly. It did not. The question is, will humans ever grow beyond it?

9.Has the human race stopped evolving altogether?

Think and discuss among your peers!

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