Are you an empath?

Does it bother you extremely when other people are in pain or are going through any other sort of problem?

If yes, this also means that over time you have heard what other people are going through and you have become a part of their pain and stress. This will eventually take a toll you. You will be filled with negative energy and that is not good for anyone. But here are five ways using which you can stop absorbing negative energy from other people:

1.Pleasing or changing everyone is impossible: At any point of time in your life, you cannot please everyone around you. This means that as much as you may try some people won’t like you and you will have to deal with this fact. Also, you cannot change everyone around you. So be happy with yourself and the negative energy around you will decrease.

2.Choose wisely: Do not let everyone be a part of your life. Keep a place in your life which is sacrosanct and allow no one to come inside this place. This place will energise you and keep you happy when you are down. This is why it is important to choose wisely. Learn to say “NO” and you will go a long way.

3.Stop paying attention: The parasite feeds off you because you pay attention to it. Don’t. Focus on yourself. No matter how many negative people are around you, don’t forget that you have the energy within you to fight and deal with them. So don’t pay attention to the negative people because the things you pay attention to, gradually become a part of you.

4.Breathe in nature: Become a part of nature. Rest, meditate and take refuge in the warm embrace of nature. Do not forget that you can filter all the negative energy using the undeniable power of nature. So whenever you feel that life is making you feel negative, take some solace in nature.

5.Take 100% responsibility for your thoughts and emotions: This is extremely important. You must take complete responsibility for all your actions. Do not victimise yourself. Believe in the idea that you can change the world around you if you want to. Once you take full responsibility for your actions, you will be able to solve your problems easily and deal with all the negative energy as well.

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