We spend the most of our days by filling the idle hours with activities, but time seems to be fleeting.

Some people like their own company too much, some of us are afraid of staying alone, and some tend to think that being alone and being lonely is the same. But being alone for a while will spare you a moment to retrospect, and consequentially result in your spiritual growth.

Being alone and being lonely are not the same, and this is the mistake most people make. Being lonely is living a life isolated from your surroundings while being alone is something we should do to re-energize our batteries. One fosters life, the other isolates.

In the middle of this fast-paced modern civilization, finding alone time can be difficult. However, alone time is not only an exclusively adult thing, and needed very much by children too. A study led by expert Reed W. Larson confirms that.

However, give it a thought. Take yourself out to a movie or dinner – a date just between you and your thoughts. Try to be spontaneous and go out without a prior plan at hand. Initially, it may seem to be awkward, but that’s not a problem. Try to slow down for a few moments and observe the world around you. We tend to miss out the minute details of life when rushing through a busy schedule – try to capture them.

Still not convinced? Well, here’s a few more to convince you:

1.Staying alone clears the mind.

We hear a lot of noise throughout the day. We tend to form our opinions through the people and voices we encounter. When we take some time to stay alone, we can clear our minds of the distortion and the noise in order to make our inner voices be heard.

2.Staying alone makes way for creativity.

When we are truly alone, we can ignore the thoughts that clutter our minds and invest the time in creative and recreational activities.

3.Staying alone builds confidence.

In the world of today, confidence is perhaps what we need the most. When the outside influences are affecting you in a negative way, being alone gives a steady boost of confidence.

4.Being alone encourages independence.

Being able to function without any emotional support system is the biggest challenge of the time. Being alone gives you the freedom to decide things for yourself, encouraging you to act independently.

5.Being alone clarifies perceptions.

Our perceptions are usually based on experiences and encounters with fellow beings. When something is bothering you and you need to perceive things from a neutral point of view, try being alone for some time.

6.Being alone controls stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety mostly come from the outside expectations. These expectations only lose their relevance when we put some perspective into it, and that is possible only when we’re alone.

7.Being alone establishes priorities.

Sometimes, it becomes a little too important to get the priorities straight. We lose our way trying to make things easy for others. When we are alone, we can pay more attention towards what’s more important for us.

8.Being alone strengthens relationships.

When we are alone, we get to know ourselves better, and consequentially, we get to know others better. Thus, spending some alone time can strengthen your relationships with the ones who matter to you the most.

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