For most people who wish to discover their spirituality, the question of religion seems to pop up everywhere.

It is true that nuns, priests or monks—people who belong to the religious communities are much more acquainted with their spiritual side than others.However, not all of us can bear to be restricted by religious dogma. So the question whether spirituality is possible without religion becomes relevant.

But don’t worry people! If you are in the same dilemma then we’ve got a solution for you. Here are ways by which you can be spiritual without being religious:

1) Devote some time for meditation everyday.

Spending some time quietly with yourself will lead you on the path of discovering your inner self. Start your day by meditating for about fifteen minutes to contemplate on what needs to be done for the day and again for fifteen minutes before going to bed so that you can let your brain relax before finally falling asleep.

2) Help others.

Develop the habit of lending a helping hand to others without expecting anything in return. Try to understand the problems and hardships that other people go through and you need not always make a public spectacle on social media when you perform a good deed.

3) Switch off.

Switching off implies isolating yourself from the negativity around you. Take a break from television, social media, the internet once in a while. Mass media has intruded into our lives in such a may that it often does more harm than good. The negative content that you constantly encounter prevents you from meeting the needs of your soul.

4) Read something positive.

A good book can infuse you with optimism and teach you how to overcome difficult ordeals in life. Moreover, motivational books can help you be more productive and can even give you a whole new perspective towards life.

5) Do what you love!

This is perhaps the most important point in the entire list. If doing something drains you out then you better stop doing it as soon as you can. Rather spend your time doing something that enriches you.

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