We hear the words ‘Empath’ and ‘Narcissist’ way too much these days. Don’t we?

The discussion is practically everywhere. It seems as if people can’t have enough discussion about this.

So, we really should talk about these terms in isolation.

Who is a Narcissist? 
  • Narcissism is considered to be a mental disorder
  • People, nowadays, use it more freely to talk about a self obsessed person
  • They might be people who have an extreme ego
  • It is not something that you are born with but it is rather something that you become
  • A lot of bad things are associated with narcissism like being manipulative, lacking empathy, having split personality disorder, being very controlling and giving yourself too much importance. It is said that these bad things come along with being a narcissistic person.
  • But What if? On some deep level, the narcissist was actually empath?
  • What if the narcissist was an empath who did not know what he/she should do with so many feelings. This resulted in him/her choosing to shut their feelings in place of expressing them.
  • Shutting their feelings caused them in having an inflated ego and hence, they became highly emotionless.
  • So maybe, a narcissist is actually an empath with emotions that manifest in a different way.

Ever thought about this?

Who is an Empath?
  • Empaths are intuitive and they are also extremely energy sensitive
  • Empaths live for others.
NOW, Why Empaths and Narcissists Attract?

So, narcissists are basically empaths who could not peruse what nature gave them. This would certainly mean that narcissists are attracted to empaths. Both of them would see themselves in one another. Both of them would see each other as the project; the empath would like to cure the narcissist and vice versa. They are just images of one another and this can be easily understood by the idea that sometimes the empath and the narcissist fall into a relationship together.

What we should remember is that the empath is the cure for every narcissist and every narcissist is just a bottled down empath… 

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