Are you suffering from lower back pain? Has this pain impaled your life? There is some good news for you. We present here the pressure points to cure that chronic back pain.

Acupressure has been used as an effective method to cure numerous problems in the Orient from past 3000 years. It provides immediate and prolonged relief from problems for which western medicine is still seeking answers. One such problem is of Lower Back Pain.

For curing lower back pain you need to apply pressure on the reflexes of your soles, the area around your heels and on your ankle. The pressure should be moderate such that you feel a little pain but very bearable. Also, apply pressure on the bone that joins your big toe to the second toe.

Pressure has to be applied with the thumb gently. Continue applying pressure for about 1 minute, maintain your normal breathing rhythm.  Then gradually reduce the pressure and rub the area. Repeat the same process on the other foot as well.

Massaging Pressure Points On Feet for Back Pain

Massaging your feet is always the best idea for alleviating back pain as it covers all the pressure points. In most cases of back pain, it is difficult to ascribe one single reason for its cause and thus curing it requires complete care as well. Massaging your feet will also relieve you from tension and stiffness.

Foot Reflex Points For Relieving Back Pain

For lower back pain, focus on the area around your heel and ankle. For spinal pain, the focus should be on the inside edge of the foot. For Upper back pain focus on the area just beneath your toes.

Sitting acupressure Foot Points for Back Pain.

First, wash and dry your feet, sit comfortably on the bed and cross your legs. Now with your left hand, hold your right feet and roll your right hand back and forth to relax the muscles. Finally, rub your thumb from heel to toe in the middle of your feet.

This acupressure process is a sure shot to give you amazing results. Bonus; Apply lotion on your feet before massaging them.

So how was the acupressure exercise for you? Share your experiences with us.

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