Do you want to live a happy and satisfied life? Are you still searching for the secrets of enlightenment? Well, your quest ends here. Today, we’ll give you 4 secrets of fulfilling your spiritual quest of enlightenment
1. Time is now!

Achieving enlightenment is not a job to be left hanging, don’t think that you’ll do it in future. Enlightenment is the very heart of our nature and thus the ideal time to start pursuing it is NOW.

2. Focus on reality.

This might sound contradictory as enlightenment seems to be third removed from reality, but you reach the state after understanding all the aspects of your true nature and that is the biggest reality. Many times we focus our attention on the future state of consciousness that we imagine as enlightenment and thus lose track of our own self. This is to be avoided at all costs.

3. Understand What is our true inner self.

While chasing enlightenment, we forget the most important part thing which is to find our own true self. We rarely ever take out the time to explore deep within ourselves. Even if we do, we get stuck in the trivial details. The reality is that true self is none other than that one moment of alert consciousness, free of thoughts and emotions.

4. We all were enlightened.

This may be a little intriguing at first but we all were enlightened souls. As children, our only focus was the present, we were free from all the troubles and problems of the world, what mattered to us the most was what was going on in the moment of our being. It is sad to say that while growing up we lost our enlightened selves and now we are so stuck in the trivialities of life that we find it very difficult to bring that child within us back to life. Becoming an adult has taken away the opportunity from us to live life to the fullest.

This is not your own personal tragedy, but that of the entire mankind. If you want to attain enlightenment, then you must learn to live in the moment of your alert consciousness. It is on you as an individual to attain enlightenment. The sacrifice is big, but the benefits are huge.

Have you ever experienced any stage of enlightenment in your life? Share your views and experiences with us.

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