Déjà vu is one of the most common experiences. However, in most cases, people do not have a real understanding of why this happens.

The French translation of the words “déjà vu” literally means “already seen”. This phrase describes a moment that a person feels they have seen or experienced before.

For example, few days back I was crossing a road near my University premises. Suddenly a man asked for some directions and I was taken aback. I just had a déjà vu moment. Before replying to the person, I actually tried predicting as to what will happen next. It is so eerie but also satisfying when I correctly predicted it.

Either the incident has already happened or is going to happen to you because about two-thirds of the population experiences déjà vu at least once in their life. Also, majority instances of déjà vu happen between 15-25 years of age.

Here are 4 explanations that help in the understanding of déjà vu better than any scientific reasoning:

1. Mercury: Given the name “Bringer of dreams”, Mercury served as a messenger to archaic Roman deities. It has the ability to take appearances as humans and travels the dreamlands of both gods and humans. It then carries with it different insights and messages. There is a possibility that déjà vu moments could be glimpses into the future and it fades off sooner than realized.

2. Reincarnation: Usually when we consider this angle, then déjà vu becomes a glance into our previous life. Now, however, you are more aware and reflect on the moment playing out in front of you. It plays out as if giving you the opportunity to edit your previous life.

3. The Time-Space Continuum: Try to view time and space as linear dimensions that are running along other dimensions. Sometimes, our linear existence may overlap with other dimensions on the continuum. This occurrence may manifest as an out-of-body experience where the unfamiliar seems familiar or similar to an event that may have happened before.

4. The Big Bang: There is a theory that there were multiple big bangs that happened when the universe was being created and recreated. The theory suggests that each time the world is recreated, minor changes happen to random people at random at random points of time and space. These changes place the people in a setting from the past that looks familiar.

This phenomenon is so strange and yet so real. It is mysterious and puzzling. What do you think?

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