Do you want to live a healthy and happy life? If yes, then you have to rethink your diet. All these years you have been missing a key component in your diet.

As the title suggests, we are talking about beet here. Beets contain betalains, a type of phytonutrients, which provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxification effects in the body. They are also extremely helpful in protecting you against heart disease, birth abnormalities and different types of cancer.
After reading all these benefits you must be very excited to know all the ‘magical’ perks of consuming beets.

Well here are 6 reasons why you should add beets to your diet.

1. Beets have anti-Cancer properties
The phytonutrients that give beets their characteristic deep red color also helps you to fight cancer. Presently, research is going on for treating breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer with beetroot extract.

2. Beets Detox Your Liver
Antioxidants help in the process of detoxification of the body, and Beets are treasure troves of antioxidants. Betine, present in Beets helps the liver to eliminate toxins. Beets are great for your liver!

3. Beets Fight Constipation
Due to high fiber content in beets, they support optimum bowel movements. Beets are also good for your colon. Thus, having beets in your diet keeps your intestines healthy and clean.

4. Beats Can Reduce The Risk Of Birth Defects
Beets contain essential minerals like potassium and manganese which promote healthy neural function. Beets also are rich in Folate, the B vitamin, which reduces the risk of birth defects.

5. Beets Lower your Blood Pressure
Due to nitrates present in Beet, it lowers your blood pressure by 4-5 points in just a few hours. It dilutes and relaxes the blood vessels and thus blood flow improves.

6. Beets Fight Inflammation
Many chronic problems begin with inflammation in your body. The Betines present in beets helps to fight inflammation and protects your organs.

You might be wondering that beets are kind of a magical food that can solve most of your problems. Well, you are right! Studies have proven that beets are one of the most nutritious foods out there. So start consuming beet juice every day and live a healthier life.

What are your experiences of consuming beet juice? 

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