Do you feel a keening ring in your ears, or tones of intense pitch which drown your senses in quiet moments?

If you have been keeping up to date about reports on energies flooding the Earth in recent times, and the physical sensations they cause to both your body and your etheric body, this is what you would be feeling. Do you feel those energies and the movements they are causing?

You might have referred to blogs which mean to lead you through these energies and to help you process these light frequencies as they traverse through your consciousness. And yet, there may be many who are not even aware that such a play pf dynamics is occurring in our solar system, bringing these movements and changed here, in our now and our place.

Here’s a bit of history for you. Our planet moves into a space/time overlay of a zone where there is no electromagnetism, called as an energy vacuum, every 13,000 years, leading to a cosmic cloud which causes a dearth of fields of electromagnetic activity, and a pause in the lattice of the planets.

It is called as a Photon Belt, and it brings to us the Light era (which has been defined as 2000 years of Enlightenment) after enduring a longer period of darkness (as described in the Bible). Our world is about to enter this Photon Belt, and it is unavoidable. It is where one cycle will end, and it is imperative we understand it, but not fear it.

This explanation, this history was dictated in 1995, and we have leapt from there to the depths of it, moving through it at a high speed.

The energy you feel rushing through you, causing your ears to ring, are because of the Photon Belt. Regardless of whether you have understood it, can feel it or sense it, these energies are causing big changes everywhere.

If you’re having a racing heart for no reason, headaches, emotional anxiety and ringing ears, it is all because of the absorbing of these higher frequencies by your body, your physical and energetic bodies, and your chakras. And it is a roller coaster of a ride.

These changes will not be handled in the same way by everyone, but all of us should know to allow the energy to flood us, and to accept it with thanks to the higher powers. It is pointless to fight against it.

Let your intuition guide you. Your visions are dictating your cosmic story. And as these energies move, moving with them rather than resisting will make it easier for you and do away with the negative afflictions, allowing change to settle in faster.

When you assimilate and convert the knowledge embedded within the energies, you will find that your consciousness is suddenly moving between the three-dimensional life in our Now, to a five-dimensional existence toward which we are careening.

Create a space for yourself which feels safe, and make it your meditation point. This will empower you, and let you feel the slim veil between the different dimensions. The veil that has thinned to the thinnest it can ever get. And your desires, your needs, your dream have all already been fulfilled in your higher dimensions where there is no quantum called time.

If you believe in reincarnation, you will know of your past lives, and you will see the multiple times you have moved on this Earth as you meditate. You could try thinking of yourself as standing on the cusp of the fifth dimension and looking down at the different three-dimensional axes.

See if you can differentiate between your future and your past lives in that timeline, and understand that you can look at any life at any time. Understand that reincarnation is not defined by time, and you could live a life in the future, then move to the past, then again to the future as your soul wishes.

Well known author/shaman Barbara Hand Clow spoke of this in her book, The Pleiadian Agenda when she wrote that a person’s karma would transmute unto knowledge, because light is knowledge, when the photonic light becomes more in our galaxy.

Indeed, the Energies from the Photon Belt are Light themselves, which is knowledge, which translate into karmic revelations.

Your own revelations will flood in your life with these light frequencies as we hurtle into a completely new plane of understanding. Let it come in, and accept it with thanks. Do not worry about the quantum called time, as the Universe will provide in the way that meets your own best needs.

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