Do you feel you are just dragging your life? Do you feel that you are simply following the trends and merely being a part of the crowd? If yes, then your soul needs immediate attention. Your soul is desperately calling to be awakened.

The soul is the part of you that drives you for life. But when it enters in the sleeping stage, you lose all your motivation and energy. If that is the stage that your soul has reached, then it needs some desperate attention and awakening.

Here are 6 Signs to Tell If Your Soul Is Sleeping or not:


A sleeping soul believes what it listens and never tries to challenge established beliefs. They even trust strangers implicitly, without confirming the truth. An awakened soul is one who always decides the validity for one’s own self.


People with sleeping souls do not form their own way, they simply accept what people, in general, like or dislike. Sleeping souls are mere trend followers.


Sleeping souls resist change and find it difficult to adapt to changing circumstances. They want the things to stay as dormant as their lives are. Whereas, an awakened soul understands that change is inevitable and accepts it positively.


Dormant people are merely a part of the crowd. They become a witness of the great leadership provided by the awakened souls. Awakened souls on the other hand, might feel lonely and isolated in society, as most leaders do!


On one hand, the mind of people with sleeping souls is always blocked, unable to receive or retain important information. On the other hand, awakened souls are always zealous to get new information. They have trained themselves to process information much more efficiently and thus retain the information that is valuable.


Awakened souls like to discuss important things in details. They know the value of time and thus refrain themselves from walking too far from the topic. But the sleeping souls like to engage in light, long conversations.

If you find these symptoms of sleeping soul developing in you, then it is high time for you to change your ways and awaken your soul. After all, we all want great things in life, don’t we?

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