We have all been through the process of detention. I don’t think it was fun for most of us. But, a school has come up with a totally new approach. In ‘Robert W. Coleman Elementary’, located in Baltimore, Maryland, detention isn’t the same thing as it had been for us.

Yes, they have replaced detention with meditation. So, you don’t have to sit on a desk and finish your homework or go through any other punishment. But kids are made to sit in a room and meditate.

This new idea is called a ‘Mindful Moment Room’ and it was established in partnership with a non-profit organization called the Holistic Life Foundation.

If you ask the authorities about why they have chosen this method, they will surely tell you one thing: the naughty kids don’t need punishment. They need to calm themselves and what better way to do this, if not meditation and breathing exercises.


While science is still trying to grapple with the complexity of concepts like meditation and mindfulness, some of us have realized the health benefits of both of these ideas. Our target is to eliminate stress and to work on a better immune system.

And wait till you read the best part of this article…

The Mindful Moment Room is not only reserved for children who are mischievous. It is also for those who are undergoing any kind of stress, anxiety, headaches and so on. These kids can opt for the 20-minute session with the instructors. The session promotes having a constructive dialogue and practicing mindfulness.

And, this alternative way of detention seems to be quite popular among the students as well. You can read these testimonials on the Holistic Life Foundation’s website for more proof:

“I took deep breaths to stay calm and just finish the test. When everybody around you Is making a lot of noises, just trying to tune them out…and be yourself, do your breathing,”- A 5th-grader about his focus during a test.

“This morning I got mad at my Dad, but then I remembered to breathe and then I didn’t shout,”– another kid who is working on his emotions.

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