Spiritual awakening is the realisation of the truth of the higher self.

When you experience spiritual awakening, your worldview changes completely. You’ll be able to see things which other people won’t even know about. This will create problems of misunderstanding between you and other people and will result in a lot of difficulty in maintaining relationships.

The difficulty in maintaining a relationship is due to the different perspective that you have developed. And this problem is not limited to just your partner but everyone in general. You’ll find it difficult to fit among your friends and at your workplace.

Spiritual awakening can be very painful as you’ll come face to face with your own darker self, but at the same time, it will give you the power to deal with this darkness. You’ll be much stronger emotionally and psychologically than most other people.

New ways of looking at your life will open up for you, and you’ll realize that life is not just what you were experiencing. You’ll realize that there is a need of making some painful changes. We, in our everyday life, try to distract ourselves from realizing these changes as they are difficult and painful, but as an awakened soul, your soul will push for these changes and you would not be able to resist them.

Spiritual awakening is the healing process of your spiritual and physical body. It may take some time, which means alone time. In this period, the frequency of your soul will be different and you’ll find it difficult to handle your emotions.

Due to this different frequency, you won’t be able to gel well with your partner. Things might get ugly and you may start to blame your partner for not understanding you.

If you are experiencing these things, you must be kept in mind that it is just a healing process and after you have healed completely, you will not experience pain from these worldly things and experiences.  You’ll finally become an enlightened soul.

Have you ever experienced spiritual awakening? How did you react to that?

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