Who are Shadow people?

Have you ever felt that someone is watching you?

Have you ever felt the presence of someone around you?

Have you ever seen someone from the corner of your eye but as soon as you turn they aren’t there?

This may creep you out. But this means that you have felt the presence of shadow people.

What are the features of Shadow people?
  • Some may have hats or cloaks on
  • They are usually silent and not trying to communicate. All that they are doing is observing and seeing you.
  • They may not have eyes at all and they move at a super fast speed like a lightning bolt.
What are the different types of Shadow people?

Lingering Shadow People: This type is usually found around the place you are sitting. They are just hanging out where you are and keenly looking at you and observing what you are doing. These make people shit in their pants because they don’t interact but just stand and observe whatever is happening around them. Sometimes, these may even follow you wherever you go. Spooky, right?

Visiting Shadow People: Oh! These don’t care much about what you are up to. All they do is just move from one place to another all by themselves. They probably don’t find people interesting enough. All they want is to keep moving and enjoying various things. These are the least scary of them all because they intend no harm or interruption in your daily work. They have their own business to mind.

Haunting Shadow People: Oh! These are interesting. They are actually always found in one place only. This means that they don’t move at all. They are just at one place because of some connection that they may feel with the place. They are often found in groups. Probably, all that they do is sit around and think about happier times. Ironically!

How to get rid of the Shadow people?

Some ways are:

  • Prayer
  • Be more emotionally balanced
  • Stay calm and work on your spiritual core
  • Use more lights
Have you had any experience with the Shadow people? Tell us about it in the comments.

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