An Empath can be defined as a person who is able to feel connected to the emotions of others at a personal level.

This connection is due to their keen sense of feeling. Thus, one general sign that is seen among empaths is that you’ll find them isolated from others as they are not able to withstand a huge flow of energy into them.

Empaths generally have very keen sense of understanding the unspoken language or the body language. They can very easily describe the emotions of the person in front without even asking a single question. Due to their ability to sense energy, they find it very difficult to stay in overcrowded areas for a long period.

The people who are able to successfully tap their empathetic abilities, are given a higher place in American tribal societies. They are known by the name ‘Heyoka’.

The word ‘Heyoka’ originally means a ‘Sacred Clown’, one who imitates the emotions of the person sitting in front of them. They reveal our weaknesses and flaws which we might not be able to see ourselves. They also guide us to a better path of development.

It is very common that people move away from the company of a Heyoka feeling distressed and sad but those who understand that what has been presented to them is just a part of their personality that needs to be improved, they feel that meeting a Heyoka is an empowering experience.

Meeting with a Heyoka is not always stressful. You can rekindle your perception towards the world by meeting them. You can learn things like love and empathy. The behavior of a Heyoka can be very unpredictable and can lead to anxiety but rest assured, the Heyoka is just trying to help you.

Oftentimes the things we need to change in ourselves are uncomfortable and yet we try to convince ourselves that everything is fine. We resist change and criticism but a meeting with a Heyoka can be a real eye opener.

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