If you are new to meditation and you don’t know how to begin, there is nothing to worry about. It is basically an easy process that would require you to just ‘turn off’ your brain.

But it can be quite difficult to relax if you are in a noisy or disturbing environment. Start meditating in a place where it is peaceful and you feel comfortable. There is no restriction regarding what posture you should be in. You can sit, lie down or even walk if that suits you.

By meditating you open your brain up to the signals of the universe and rid yourself from petty concerns of everyday life. You can finally look into the depths of your soul and replace the prevailing disorderliness with peace.

But before meditating it is important for you to protect yourself.

You should start by asking your guardian angels, the universe to look after you and protect you while meditating. You should also thank them and ask their white light to extend from your body to the room, house and as far as it can. Now you are ready!

Now you might face another setback. You will find it hard to clear your mind. No matter how hard you try you’ll still have your responsibilities and worries nagging you at the back of your mind. But there’s a little trick that I had once learned from a friend that might help you.

Keep two similar objects at a certain distance from each other. Keep the space between them empty. Now try to look at both objects simultaneously without focusing on any one of them.

Eventually your mind would clear itself while doing this. You can also try chanting mantras if it does not work for you.

When you are done, you should end your session by thanking your guardian spirits and the universe again for keeping you secure.

You can also explore different methods that might make your meditating session easier and more convenient for you.

Happy meditating! Let us know about your experiences.

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