“Your soul mate makes you feel entirely intact, like no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great support and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit.”
~ Dr. Carmen Harra

It is important to understand from the get-go that soul mates and life partners are very different. Your relationship with a life partner can be very satisfying, as they are built on mutual trust and understanding.
If you are open and lucky enough to meet your soul mate, you’ll uncover completely new dimensions of your life.

After meeting your soul mate, the initial few weeks can be very unstable, unsettling and downright weird because you find yourself in a completely different sphere, where you have never been before. But even after this the excitement level is unprecedented, you carve to spend every single moment of your life with your soul mate, this can affect your work, relations and daily life. Still, for almost everyone these small sacrifices are nothing when compared to the joy and satisfaction of being with your other half.

The 9 Elements of a Soul Mate (According to Dr. Carmen Harra)

1. It’s Something Inside. It is almost impossible to describe how your soul mate makes you feel. It is pure love.

2. Flashbacks. There are high chances that you people were together in past lives as well. Thus, there is an odd feeling of revisiting the past.

3. You Just Get Each Other. You do not need to have any medium to communicate your basic desires and pains. With your soul connection, these things are unsaid.

4. You Fall In Love With Their Flaws. You both understand that no one is ever perfect and thus understand each others’ mistakes.

5. It’s Intense. You are able to see beyond the bad days and your relationship is intense in all aspects.

6. You Two Against The World. You two feel that together you are a team.

7. You Can’t Imagine Your life Without The Other. No matter how much you fight but you cannot even think about living your life away from your soul mate.

8. You feel secure: A soulmate would never exploit your insecurities. When he/she is around you would feel safe and secure.

9. You look into each other’s eye: As soulmates share a very deep connection with each other they have the tendency to often look into each others’ eyes.

Finding your soul mate is beautiful and exciting. Are you among those lucky few who have been able to find their other half in life?

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