The fact that we all should be empathetic cannot be stressed enough. The basic tenant of all the religions of the world is about being an Empath. A person with empathy is like a flower whose fragrance cannot be denied by anyone.

Here are 14 signs that you are an Empath, or you are in company of one.

1. You feel connected to the emotions of others. People might blame you for being too sensitive but you see it as one of your major strengths.

2 You cannot take lies at all. Even the simplest of lies hurts you like hell.

3. You feel overwhelmed in crowded places. The huge amount of energy that you have to absorb in crowded places makes you feel exhausted.

4. You love to heal. Empaths are always ready to help others in every situation and wish the well being of others.

5. You are sensitive to stimulants. Coffee, energy drinks, soda etc. are not your cup of tea. You feel anxious and agitated.

6. If you like a flower in the garden, you won’t pluck it, rather you’ll water it and care for it.

7. Due to your sensitive behavior, you tend to absorb too much from your surroundings and thus end up feeling tired and exhausted.

8. Your advices are sincere and always helpful.

9. You always get distracted very easily due to the activities around you. And some sounds crush you completely.

10. You are a very good listener. You always want to hear even though the person may be saying completely unrelated things.

11. You absolutely love animals. A pet is like a family member to you.

12. We can’t stand narcissists. People who are too full of themselves repel us.

13. You are the best friend that one could ask for as you are always honest and truthful with others.

14. You are sensitive to negative media. You avoid images, videos, etc that might affect your mental well-being adversely.

How many of these signs do you find in yourself? Share your views with us.

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