Reading this article’s title might leave you wondering, what a Star seed actually is. Well, to grasp this, first you need to question the various theories explaining the genesis of the human origin.

Bible makes us believe that we all are descendants of Adam and Eve, but this assumption fails to explain the genetic difference among various groups of the human population. In the same story, it is told that Noah and his family were the only survivors of the great flood, but this again fails to explain the diversity of the human population.

Well, there is one more possibility, which actually sounds more feasible. Zecharia Sitchin believes that the DNA of people of Earth has been genetically modified, but the question is why in that case would the Anunnaki create us as a free species, and not as mere slaves?

It might be the case that we all were seeded here on earth from various ‘Star Nations’ as a part of some giant experiment. This might sound crazy but with this idea the problem of genetic and ethnic diversity is solved. It explains why we all have these different blood types, such as Rh ‘-ve’, Rh ‘+ve’, A, B, AB, and O. It might very well be the case that inhabitants of some stars would be Black, of some would be White and some might be blonde while some might be pale and so on…

There is very high possibility that Sitchin’s hypothesis is correct. In fact, if we look at ourselves from this perspective, we’ll see that all these stupid fights that we have got ourselves into have no larger meaning. We are segregating ourselves based on caste, creed, nationality and religion today but this simple idea helps us remind ourselves that there is something much larger than us.

Our seeding can be an experiment by these star nations to see if they all will get along well with each other or not!!

Here is a link to a video that might help you get a better understanding of who and what the Starseeds are:

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