We all have some standards in life to maintain, and more so often, they become the determining factors when we choose our life partners. As it happens, our zodiac signs seem to say a lot about our limitations as well as our relationship compatibility with others.


Aries is self-confident, has a goal in life and likes to be surrounded by like-minded people. If you’re not as passionate or driven, you won’t possibly be a good match for Aries.


As a Taurean, you’re a cautious diplomat, someone who takes things slow and easy and detests rushing. You’ll be intimidated by a partner who throws caution to the wind and lives a freaking careless life.


Gemini is a kind, sensitive and social sign. You’re more on the extrovert side and would like to have a date with whom you could talk for hours. Perhaps a dependable sign like Cancer can bring happiness in your life.


As a Cancer, you’d probably be one of the most reliable and loyal among the Zodiac spectrum. You value your social relations, and if your partner fails to do the same, it’d be a deal breaker. Your partner’s lack of empathy and compassion for others could also be a major problem.


Leo needs excitement, adventures and a dose of adrenaline to go through with life. They are eccentric extroverts, and if you are not as talkative or adventurous, it’s no go.


Virgos aren’t particularly fond of people who aren’t totally honest and up front about themselves. They often have trust issues, and if your two-faced nature could be a major deal breaker.


Libra may seem to be indifferent at the outset, but they’re hopelessly romantic creatures underneath the shell. If they cannot be emotionally dependent on you, that is to say, if you cannot uphold their romantic ideal, the relationship will most likely end on a tragic note.


You’re highly intuitive and gifted with a keen spider-sense of what’s really happening around you. You detest lies more than anything, and your ideal partner would have to be brave and upfront, no matter what.


As a Sagittarius, you live for adventure. You’re a wandering soul who derives excitement chiefly from activities like travelling, mountaineering or hiking. Your ideal date will be someone with a shared wanderlust and not someone who likes to sit around and watch TV with a bucket of popcorn.


You mean decorum and discipline, and expect the same from your partner. Your ideal partners will have to get a hold of their lives, and only then they can earn your love and respect. The adventurous type is not your cup of tea.


As an Aquarian, you’re a liberal and a freethinker with a humanitarian outlook towards life and society. Consequentially, someone with a rigid and strict set of values will ruin the game for you.


Pisces is the embodiment of peace, love and harmony. You’ll get repulsed by the hotheaded and the loudmouthed, people who fight over small things and don’t take your feelings into account.

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