Earth angels are a rare kind who have come to this planet to restore the balance and harmony of life. They are sensitive, old souls with a deep connection to nature. And this natural, instinctive side of them makes them at home around animals. An earth angel is known for his/her selflessness and care for humanity.

Earth angels can relate to a time when people used to live with the earth rather than on it, and this is why the current state of affairs depress them. They are visionaries who have come to this planet to turn it into a better place. Know if you’re an earth angel by these five visible signs:

1.You Care for People.

If you’re an earth angel, you’ll be known for your genuine care and empathy for the people around you. You can feel the concealed emotions of others like your own, and get a step ahead to help those in need. Because of this, your alone time may be restricted, even if you enjoy being alone once in a while. Sometimes, you’ll feel a bit too responsible for others, and you better take care of that and yourself.

2.You Require Alone Time.

Earth angels care the least about themselves, and rarely allow themselves some alone time, but they need it more than everyone else. They’re eccentric and empathetic, and yet an excess of emotions can be both mentally and physically draining for them. So, they need some alone time to recharge their spirits. The alone time spent (preferably amidst nature) initiates the healing process and brings them back in alignment with their real purpose.

3.You are Intuitive.

As an earth angel, you’d rely more on intuition and emotion rather than on logical reasoning, because sensitive as you are, you have felt more than you can actually think. Earth angels feel deeply and genuinely, and they’re not in line with how the busy world works. Instead, they take interest in arts, music and fiction, allowing these to leave lasting impressions in their lives.

4.You Disown Modern Society.

Earth angels are incompatible with how the modern world works, more so because they don’t understand why people would care about money, career or superficial success. They simply don’t get why people would do jobs they hate to buy a lifestyle they don’t actually need. They’re here to restore what humanity seems to have lost with the advent of modern civilization.

5.You Feel Called.

Earth angels often have a strong intuitive mindset, and they feel called on this planet to serve a specific purpose. Even if they don’t specifically know what their purpose is, they are always up to help people out. What’s more important is leaving their imprints on the lives they touch, and they can carry out an effective living as spiritual healers and social counselors.

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