The third eye is something often overlooked and ignored, but there is much more to it than we think. Once it opens we can achieve anything we want.

The third eye is what governs the Center of Wisdom, intuition, and higher consciousness. A fully open third eye will allow you to experience oneness with everything around you. You will feel a deeper connection with the Universe like nothing you have ever felt before, and it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

If you are experiencing the following seven things then your third eye is opening:

1. Conscious Eating

You will be drawn to certain foods that you do not usually eat. You will become more aware of what you are ingesting, and gain a better understanding of the energies you are feeding into your body.

2. Light Sensitivity

With the opening of the third eye, people often find themselves dealing with light sensitivity as well as seeing colors much more brightly than before.

3. Increased Headaches

Headache pressure is something similar to an energy overload. It is a sign that your third eye is opening or energetically developing in some form when it is centered in your forehead. The headaches can range from mild to severe, but they will be more frequent than you have ever experienced them before.

4. Pressure Between The Eyebrows

You may be feeling a strong pulsation in the center of your forehead, this sensation might come before or after the headaches  it all depends on your body and spiritual state of mind.

5. Understanding Synchronicity

You will notice all of the synchronicities that have been occurring around you; all of a sudden these meaningful coincidences will start to make sense to you.

6. Vivid Dreaming

You will find yourself having unforgettable dreams. They will be overly vivid and they will almost feel like they are happening in real life. Lucid dreaming also ties into this, meaning you will start to gain control over your own dream environment.

7. New Found Life Purpose

Chances are you will find yourself much more concerned than before about your life and where you need to go from here. You will be seeing the negative and positive of things much more clear. You will find a whole new purpose in life, and you will realize that this life is worth living.

Source: Educate Inspire Change

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