Narcissists are surely the least interesting people, but do you know that the term has a fascinating story behind it? Etymologically, the term narcissism originated from the Greek story of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection in the water and subsequently ruined himself completely.

Today the term is used for people who are completely self-absorbed and thus indubitably are not in tune with reality. With the growth of Social Media, narcissism is on rise, as people today post even the most trivial things on the internet and shockingly this act makes them feel far more important than they really are!

Narcissists are of different kinds; there are 6 broad categories of narcissists (Yes there are!). It is very likely that you have encountered at least one in your lifetime. This could be your classmate, your teacher or even your own partner. The six types are-

1. The Victim
They are never responsible for their own situations. They always have a perfect story to tell you about how they are so sane and how the world is cheating them. You pity is their bread and butter, and they always portray themselves as an underdog. These types of narcissists are often the hardest to identify.

2. The Puppet Master

This type needs everything according to their plan. They are experts in using your weak spot against you and have no sense of empathy or integrity. In short, you can call them “control freaks”.

3. The Winner
Well, in their own heads, these narcissists are the real champions. For them, even a small task is like a competition, and this behavior is not just limited to the field of Sports or academics, but to each and everything in life. Stay away from such people!

4. The know-It-All
This type hardly ever takes out time to listen to anyone else because in their opinion they are the smartest and the most well-informed people in every situation. You can identify them with one clear indicator; they will provide unsolicited advice to people around them.

5. The Antagonist
For these narcissists, there is always a villain. In a hotel, the service is never good for them. On the road, every driver in their view is driving crazy. They are always right in every condition (in their own humble opinion!!)

6. The Status-Absorbed
Well, you all might be familiar with this type of narcissists. Their self-worth is defined through validation by others. All their effort is put in order to make themselves better in front of the world, while in their private lives they are crushed. But watch out, they’ll be judging you as well, based on what others think about you. Well, who cares, right?

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