Don’t we live in a world where parameters of happiness or success are always talked about in purely material terms? So all that matters is how much money we make or how many cars we have and what not!

In this tireless tirade of the material world, our spiritual being takes a back seat for sure. We forget to choose a spiritual path for ourselves as we are so engrossed filling our spiritual chasm with material objects. But the spirit won’t give up. Time and again, you will get signs of spiritual awakening and you must not turn a blind eye to them. Have you experienced any of these?

1. Your senses are sharper and amplified: Your senses begin to work better than ever. This applies to all your five senses and you will experience these physical symptoms as a sign that you are awakening spiritually.

2.You notice a drastic change in our eating habits: Your current eating habits may not be able to satisfy you completely and you might find yourself craving for something else. Once you consume what you craved for, it would make you happy in ways that you cannot explain. Don’t worry if this is happening to you! It’s just a sign of spiritual awakening.

3. You realize that the life you live is false: Does it feel like the purpose of life is not only material success? Do you feel empty and unrealized even after achieving all that you wanted to achieve in terms of the material? This is good news for you. You have just realized, as a part of your spiritual journey, that life around you is fake and pretentious. Believe us! You are on a good path.

4.A feeling of being lied to dawns upon you: The world around us legitimizes and normalizes lies and considers lying as a mere survival instinct. But if you are spiritually awakened, you will realize how you are being continuously lied to. You will also find it in you to forgive the liars of your life.

5.Suddenly, you are aware of the unhappiness in the world: A spiritually awakened person will become aware of the unhappiness around him/her. This unhappiness is a rubric of our civilization and it gnaws us because of the empty material lives we lead. Now that you are finally hearing the music of your spiritual self, there is no place for unhappiness in your world.

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