When you are seriously into someone you would definitely pour your heart and soul into the relationship to make it work. While physical bonding can be inevitable, a deep emotional connection can open a completely unexpected pathway into your partner’s soul. But this will only happens when both of you are emotionally into each other.

It is not difficult to determine whether a person is emotionally available for you or not. You can feel it if your partner isn’t giving one hundred percent into the relationship. But the difficult part is accepting it and letting go. If you are still in doubt, then here are five clues that would help you know if your partner isn’t really into you:

1) Your feelings don’t affect them:

Partners who are connected on an emotional level are affected by each others feelings. If you find that your partner cannot empathize with you and isn’t much interested either in knowing about how you feel, then it is pretty apparent that they don’t want to develop a deep emotional bonding with you.

2) They don’t open up in front of you:

It is quite easy to appear honest and vulnerable in a text or an email. People can manipulate you through writing because it takes no time to feign a writing style that seems apparently genuine. But if you notice that they are not as willing to open up in person as they are via messaging or they are avoiding direct eye contact with you then you better convince yourself that this person isn’t interested in you.

3) They keep their distance:

If someone does not really want to get emotionally connected to you they will always try to maintain a safe distance. They are not interested in bridging gaps. This is one of the most important aspects of a serious relationship, so if you see that your partner is not really wanting to break all barriers then be sure that this is not the relationship that you are looking for.

4) They are not interested in knowing you deeply:

One of the foremost signs of a serious relationship is that both of you would want to know a lot about each other. If you see that you are the only one continually throwing questions at your partner while he/she isn’t reciprocating in the same manner, it is a sign that they do not want to connect to you spiritually.

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