The universe works in mysterious ways while keeping everything connected through the complex cosmos. All living beings inhabiting the planet are connected but not everyone realizes this. It is only the spiritually awakened ones who realize a sense of connection between themselves and the world at large.

A spiritual understanding is profound. If you are transcendentally enlightened, chances are you’ve experienced some of these symptoms before.

I am sure this idea is intriguing. So here are four signs which indicate that you are experiencing a spiritual enlightenment.

1. You Are Mesmerized By Metaphysics

You develop a new found interest in metaphysics. You are intrigued by the paranormal. This is a clear indication that you’re on the path towards a spiritual awakening.

The importance of this interest is immense. Conventional education won’t ever teach you about the metaphysics of the world in detail. You develop interest in these activities owing to your own inquisitiveness and inclinations. If this happens you’re likely to be enlightened spiritually.

2. Material Things Lose Significance

You become less materialistic as days pass by. The material wealth of the world no longer interests you.

What becomes more important to you is an understanding of the meaning of life in its entirety. Connecting to the universe on a spiritual level matters most to you.

3. Empathy Is Becoming Your Strong Suit

You tend to become more empathetic towards things around you. You realize a sense of connection with everyone. You begin to embrace everything as part of the universal cosmos.

You start to feel the emotions of others around you. This feeling may however become overwhelming if not controlled.

4. You Are No Longer Afraid Of Death

All people generally consider death as negative. The whole idea of death scares us all.

When you reach a state of enlightenment death will no longer scare you. You will consider it as a kind of release into something above and beyond human life. Death to you will mean a transition and not the ultimate end.

Now that you’re aware of these signs, you’ll know for sure when you experience a spiritual awakening.

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