All of us who are walking the spiritual path have, probably, at some point, experienced some of the shift’s painful side effects. These things are incredibly painful, but they always result in higher clarity, wisdom and a deeper perspective.

Recognizing these common difficulties in others who are also on their way to awakening can be helpful. It helps us to understand that we are not alone and that there are certain archetypal energies that all people on the spiritual path face.

If you are experiencing some of these difficulties, have faith. The change  is happening because you have become an authentic person. The pain you feel is just a temporary catalyst that will direct you towards your ‘new self’.

Here we give you the 3 most painful changes that will take place on your way to spiritual growth:

  1. Some of your friends may fall off the radar

This can be particularly traumatic. As you become more and more spiritually related a lot can change very quickly to you, and this can affect some of your closest friendships. This may cause some of your friends to turn against you, to distance themselves from you or even to start arguing with you.

Once you might have been involved together in actions that you now consider wrong, such as gossiping, complaining or fighting to be the leader of your friends’ group.

The things you used to talk about with your friends now make you feel empty; currently you prefer to discuss things your friends don’t understand or are not interested in. Maybe they even call you crazy because of it.

2. Your family will have hard time understanding you

Your family members are unlikely to leave you because you are on the spiritual path, but it is very likely that they will be confused by the changes in your perspectives. If you have religious parents, they can even accuse you of being lost and estranged from God. Everyone knows that meditation is just another way that Satan can whisper in your ear, right?

Stay authentic and take responsibility for the energy you put into each conversation. You just have to be what you are and your relationship will get fixed by itself. In my case, my family members have become curious and started asking questions, and their minds have become much more open than they once were.

Remember, it’s better to be unhappy because of what you are than to hide in fear because of what your family might think. It’s your life, not theirs.

5. Loneliness will reach its peak 

Loneliness is a natural byproduct of spiritual growth. Of course, as our relationships, jobs and lifestyle change, our ability to relate to the things that we once used to identify with.

At times like these, it’s good to reach out to some spiritual community. Take on hour or two just for yourself and do yoga or meditation. The universe will build a new base to support your new lifestyle, but you have to make the effort to create it for yourself and to meet the universe halfway.

The good news is – when you find people who are walking the same path, you can be sure that these random meetings will grow into inspiring friendships and relationships. You can expect to have fewer friends, but they will be real. They will increase in quality and decrease in quantity.

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