People rarely talk about the dark side of empathy. Unfortunately it does exists and can poison the lives of empaths. 

Many people expect support and guidance from empaths. This means that we’re actually aware that empaths see a lot more than what we can, and sometimes we overwhelm them so much that our behavior, thoughts and emotions start causing problems in different areas of their lives.

Here are some of the problems they face on a regular basis:

1. Empaths can’t control their emotions completely

You probably believe that, because empaths are very well familiar with emotions, can control their own. However, the truth is that, empaths are in a constant struggle to keep their feelings under control. They feel other people’s emotions, especially  sadness, so strongly and clearly,  that sometimes it throws them into depression.

Empaths find it difficult to tell apart their own emotions from other people’s emotions, as well as to find others of their kind whom they will be able to share their struggles and thoughts with.

2. Encounters with negative energy drains  them completely

Empaths are practically forced to deal with enormous amounts of information because of their sensitivity to energy.  This can make them feel depressive and extremely tired when trying to figure out what is actually going on.

They are especially sensitive to negative energy and it frustrates them. When everything they can feel is negative, it overwhelms them.

3. People use them

Because empaths exercise complete, even gullible at times, trust in people and their honesty and kindness, they are often used by less conscious people. Empaths by nature are good, kind and selfless. These are some of their traits that usually attract people who are used to taking without giving anything in return.

4. They neglect themselves

Empaths love giving more than receiving and that’s why, often, they neglect their own well-being including their physical and mental state. Constant stress and living in a survival mode exhausts empaths completely and they forget to take care of themselves.

5. Empaths don’t fall in love easily

Because empaths are overly sensitive to the violence in the world, they find it extremely difficult  to trust somebody with their heart. They practically hide their heart because they’re afraid someone will crush it and hurt them. Empaths usually feel afraid to fall in love, because they believe that it’s not in their nature to deal with a lot of passion.


Empaths have to realize that they will never be able to resolve every problem in the world. In order for the dark side of empathy not to rule over their lives they have to stop giving their energy to everybody they meet on their path.

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