The  mirror is fragile. If if falls, it shatters into million pieces. But I realized that the mirror lasts longer than people’s gratitude. In order for the mirror to break, first, it needs to fall down, It doesn’t really matter from what heights, it will still take some time – a few moments.

However, for human disdain to see the light of the day, it does not take even a second.

There are two things that human heart can produce faster than anything, and they would be love and gratitude. On the other hand, if there is anything on Earth that is truly beautiful, significant and fruitful, and if there is anything on Earth that can sustain our golden bond with the divine, our Source, once more, that would be gratitude.

So, I say to you, if you have even a speck of sincere thankfulness and if you hold this gratitude as the most precious in your life, then the spirit of your gratitude will keep you alive in the Heart of God, our heavenly Father.

I assure you, if you can keep gratitude alive in your heart, the beauty and the joy of this divine trait will save you from any spiritual desolation and emotional pain.

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