Take at least one day and observe things around you. You’ll notice how hard your mind will try to swim against the tides…

Someone offers you something and you refuse it . People are trying to tell you something, and you send them away. Another one tells you their point of view, and you immediately dismiss it. Someone does things their own way, and you point out it’s wrong.

You are offered solutions, but somehow you are still complaining. You expect one thing and you get a completely different one – no wonder you are disappointed. God forbids someone stands on your way…you can’t stand it, you explode so easily. Something doesn’t go according to plan, and you throw yourself full force forward, to get it back on track.

Change the tactic: shift the gravity center from controller to observer. Do not disturb the surface of the water. Let your life take its own course and go with the flow. You will immediately notice how light and easy life will become.

The human mind works like a computer, trying to calculate all the moves in advance and make all the plans beforehand. The mind rarely succeeds in finding the optimal solution, because there are too many variables in the equation . And the mind insistently insists on its scenario, in other words, rocks against the current.

As a result, a lot of energy is consumed abruptly, and the number of problems and obstacles increases. The mind does not try to manage its movement during the course of the course. This is one of the major problems and troubles.

Make sure you look more than you are controlling. Do not rush to dismiss, object, slow, prove, interfere, manage, criticize. Give a chance to the situation, without its active mixing or counter-action.

By stopping from control, you get even more control over the situation than before.

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