An angel addressed a man:

– Do you want me to show you your life?

“I do,” said the man.

The angel lift him up, high above the ground and the man was able to see his own life path. That’s when he got confused because, beside his own, he saw another pair of footprints.

– Who’s been walking next to me?

“That would be me,” replied the angel. – I have been following you all your life.

– And why do I sometimes see a single trail of footprints?

“Well, those are the toughest moments of your life,” answered the angel.

– So what does it mean? You left me alone during my toughest moments? How could you leave me when I needed you the most? asked the man with a sad voice.

“No, you are wrong. I never left your side, not even once. You can’t sometimes see my footprints, because those are the times I carried you in my arms.” softly said the angel.