Do you want to learn how to speed up the manifestation process? Of course, we all want to accomplish our goals a lot faster than we actually do.

First and foremost, we need to figure out how the laws of the universe work. The truth is that our existence relies on the understanding of these universal laws. If we cant understand them, we will become frustrated and live with the feeling that we are going in circles, failing our every attempt to accomplish anything.

The law of attraction is just one link in the chain of many laws. There are many tricks how to make the Law of Attraction work at the optimum level to fulfill our desires.

Here are 3 things you should know about the Law of Attraction before you start putting it to practice.

1. Focus – How Focused on Your Desire are You?

You have to learn to focus your thoughts the right way, even when they are burred deep under your daily preoccupations and worries. The stronger the focus you give to your creation – the bigger the amount of energy directed its way. When I say ‘focus on something’, I don’t mean ‘start obsessing with it’. You may not know this, but when you start worrying about something, you activate the Law of Attraction, but in a way to create more situations that bring more worries and stress.

2. Expressing Gratitude – Be Grateful for what You Have and what You Don’t

Your life might seem unbearable and extremely hard at the moment, but it’s of crucial importance to start seeing the good around you if you don’t want to hit the rock bottom. Accept the situation you are in and rise above it, but it can’t be dine if we fight and resist it. The minute you express your gratitude for everything life has and hasn’t offered to you, you will be able to make changes more easily.

3. Accept the New – Find More Things that Stimulate You

Every new step you take make you and your energy expand and create more opportunities. During your daily activities, you use the same old way of thinking. Have you noticed when you come to your workplace your thought always start flowing in a certain way?

When you move your consciousness to something new and joyful, you grow and expand. Your breathing changes, your mind changes and your manifestation powers shift up a gear. Then the results come faster and are much more visible.

Our mind and body are similar to batteries. The higher the vibration of the thoughts and feelings you feed them with is, the stronger and more powerful they become.