Many people believe that the beauty of a woman lies in cosmetics.

The truth is that beauty doesn’t come from mascara and lipstick, beauty comes from within. It depends on who you are, not on what you look like.

Here are 5 things that make a woman pretty and attractive:

  1. Her passion

Women who show no passion about anything seem uninteresting and too plain.

Life has turned into a rat race for most of us and it’s sometimes too hard to find a spare moment just for us, but a woman who finds time for her passions and interests is incredibly attractive.

  1. Her intellect

It’s a common misconception that beautiful women aren’t smart. We say: ‘an intelligent woman is a pretty woman’. It’s never a good thing if a woman doesn’t nurture and improver her cognitive facilities.

  1. Her resilience

A woman who can bear her own burdens and who doesn’t give up easily is a beautiful and attractive one. There are women (and men too) who look for partners who will help them throughout life, financially and emotionally speaking.

However, strong is the new sexy.

  1. Her spirit

No one likes to hang out with depressed and boring people. I believe we can all agree on that one, and it doesn’t apply only to women.

Such women are simply not as beautiful as women who like to have fun and know how to enjoy life. A spirited woman is a beautiful woman.

  1. Her self-confidence

We believe that this is the best trait a woman can have. A self-confident woman who keeps her head and her standards high walking gracefully through life in a world where male dominance is so pronounced is the most beautiful and attractive creature out there.

Showing confidence at home, in the office or anywhere and in any situation in life is something we all should do because it will give us a quality life.

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