‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.’

∼Nikola Tesla∼

There are millions of people in the world who are desperately trying to change what they don’t like about their lives.

In a similar way, there are, also, hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to help and support the previous group by sharing methods, books, techniques and programmes that have already proven effective, and most of them for free or at a very low price.

But, why then so many people who practice these transformational techniques don’t get the expected results? After all, they do put a lot of effort, and all they want is improvement of the basic aspects of love, health and abundance.

The problem seems to be in the fact that humanity as a whole and people as individuals keep trying to make positive changes by using the mind as a tool; the same mind that recreates what has already stopped working.

I’ll explain what I have in mind. If you go on watching sensational TV shows or listening to radio programmes that analyse all these problems and crisis, it’s literally impossible to start imagining a world where there is harmony, abundance and peace.

However, we already have the solution. We have to separate our higher consciousness from what the mind has to offer. I like to call it God that lives in my heart, but it has so many other names, including: the source, the spirit, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, the universe… the list goes on. Through this Higher Consciousness that dwells in your heart, you can change your vibration in a blink of an eye.

In other words, if you want to transform disharmony into harmony, abundance, health and love, you need to connect with your Heart.

Here are 4 tips how to raise your vibration and keep it as high as possible for as long as possible:

  1. Avoid watching, reading or listening to any negative and hostile news, personal dramas, films and TV series. Even avoid people who constantly complain about how bad their lives are. How to do this? Before getting into any kind of activity, ask yourself: does this serve me, does this make me grow?
  1. You can avoid negative people, but deal with the fact that, sometimes, these people are members of our families. You can’t keep hiding. But you can try not to react to their negative comments when they criticize everything and everybody around them. In the beginning, they will think there is something wrong with you, when they notice the changes, but then hopefully they will adapt and begin to change as well.
  1. Always go for a healthy way of living that includes fresh, unprocessed food, good sleep, regular exercise, a lot of fresh water and spending as much time as possible in the nature. Avoid coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and medicine.
  1. Use the first sun rays to meditate and do it again before bed time if possible. If you’re not very familiar with meditation, try guided meditation accompanied by relaxing music and positive affirmations. Even if you do it rarely, your brain will start to change in a very unusual, but positive way.

Last but not least, have in mind that the Universe always has your back. You can count on its unconditional support in any situation at any moment.

You are reading this only because you’re ready to take your vibration to the next level. Say YES to your call!

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