Have you ever asked yourself why we always want things we can’t have?

We have all had moments when we thought the grass was grinner on the other side, but probably you never thought about why we long for something like it.

Let’s make one thing clear – you are not alone! It’s human nature to yearn for something we can’t have. Actually we always want something or someone we think is way out of our league.

This has a lot to do with our well established patterns of belief that love and attraction are one and the same with being fascinated by someone.

And this is one of the main reasons, if not the only reason why people tend to show zero interest in someone who is trying too hard and showing too much interest.

We have this bad habit of identifying exciting triumphs and disappointing failures that we go through while chasing after a person, with something worthy that we have to fight for.

Such behavior comes to life only because we have the need to believe that there is something to fight for even before we are really sure we want to invest our full energy in that fight.

That way we add value to people we see as too good or impossible to get. Biologically speaking, it makes even more sense to look for partners who we believe are better than us – something that will provide a healthy and superior offspring.

The process of evolution thought us to look for and select healthy and good looking partners, but also partner who are emotionally enough stable nurture, protect and be faithful.

On a much deeper level, we all have this small part of us that is insecure and makes us believe we are not good enough to give and receive love. Such insecurity makes us blind in front of our own worth.

To sum up, this natural tendency to avoid people who show too much interest in us happens because of two reasons: the need to provide superior offspring by looking for a partner who seems better than us, and our self-doubt of how worthy we are of love.

The question is, when we come to realize this, what do we do to improve our lives and relationships? How many of you will give chance to your potential partners?

How many of you will try to surpass your doubts and give yourself a chance to be happy?

The ego is difficult to control, but if we manage to do it, we become open to a completely new way of thinking.

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