There is a good chance you’ve heard about Pink Himalayan crystal salt as it has been one of the biggest trends among people who practice healthy lifestyle.

In case you are not completely sure what I’m talking about, this article will give you some details about the Pink Himalayan salt and the benefits you get from using it in your everyday diet.

Interesting about Pink Himalayan salt is that it can be only found in Asia. Scientists believe that about 200 million years ago, massive volcanic eruptions caused lava to bury huge beds of crystallized sea salt.

The lava, over time, turned into rock, creating a protective layer that prevented the salt deposits from getting in touch with anything that would possibly lead to their pollution.

The Benefits

One of the best things about Pink Himalayan salt is that it’s packed with trace minerals. Actually, the human body and this rare pink salt, both contain the same 84 trace minerals.

Most important trace minerals include sodium potassium, calcium, sulphate, magnesium and chloride.

Another important fact regarding our health is that by consuming Pink Himalayan salt instead of regular table salt, we ingest less sodium because it’s less refined, thus healthier.

Here we give you some of the health benefits you should expect if you consume Pink Himalayan salt regularly:

  • A stable cellular pH balance
  • Better respiratory function
  • Less muscle cramps
  • Slowing down of the aging process
  • Stronger bones
  • Better and regular sleep cycles
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased libido
  • Staying hydrated
  • Heavy metals detoxification
  • Balanced blood pressure
  • Better blood circulation

Other Salts

In order to give you a full picture of how good this salt is, we have to compare it to other types of salt. The two most common types include:

  • Sea saltas the second best alternative. Unfortunately, we live to witness that even sea salt has been heavily processed in the last years. Also, our oceans are getting more and more polluted by the day, unlike the Pink Himalayan salt that’s been kept intact for thousands of years.
  • Table saltis definitely the worst choice type of culinary salt we can use. It’s completely stripped of its mineral composition, leaving behind only sodium and chloride. Than it goes through an extreme thermal process, after which they add synthetic iodine which is extremely hard for the human body to absorb.


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